What time is Class of Mum and Dad on TV?

Everything you need to know about the new series sending parents back to school

Class of Mum and Dad (Channel 4, EH)

Class of Mum and Dad is the new documentary offering on Channel 4 – here’s how to watch it and what to expect from the experiment…


What time is Class of Mum and Dad on TV?

Class of Mum and Dad airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.

What is it about?

A class of 17 parents – and one grandparent – experience what it’s like for their kids as they go back to school. For a half term, these senior students will study the year six curriculum alongside their own children.

They form their own class at Blackrod Primary School in Bolton for six weeks, even wearing school uniform and being subjected to the same rules.

What’s in store in the next episode?

The pupils have settled into their term at Blackrod primary school, but a few members of class 6M are beginning to test the boundaries. Jonny admits he likes trouble, disregarding the school uniform regulations and not doing his homework, resulting in him being sent to the head teacher’s office.


How many episodes in the series?

Class of Mum and Dad will run for six episodes.