When is BBC2’s Searching for Mum: Sri Lanka on TV? What time is it on, and what’s it about?

Everything you need to know about BBC2's documentary Searching for Mum: Sri Lanka

Searching for Mum, Rebecca Pararajasingam (BBC)

When she was eight, Rebecca Pararajasingam discovered adoption papers – her adoption papers –buried at the bottom of her parents’ closet.


“I realised that my entire childhood had been fake,” she says bitterly on camera. 30 years later, Rebecca is joined by the BBC on her search for her birth parents in Sri Lanka.

Here’s everything you need to know about BBC2’s documentary Searching for Mum: Sri Lanka.

When is Searching for Mum: Sri Lanka on TV?

The two-part series Searching for Mum: Sri Lanka first airs on Thursday 16th August at 9pm on BBC2.

What’s the documentary about?


The first, emotional film follows Rebecca, born in Sri Lanka but who now lives in Surrey, and 26-year-old Ria, who describes feeling “stuck between two identities” while growing up as the only person of colour in Inverness. Both are searching for their birth families in Sri Lanka; over 11,000 people were given up for adoption from Sri Lanka into Europe over several decades.


Ria has a photograph of herself as a baby alongside her Sri Lankan mother – but in emotional scenes, she fears that the photograph, like many others of a similar nature, was faked.