The latest episodes of Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 arrived on Netflix today, with amateur sleuths diving into three new cases that lead to a lot of questions, but not a lot of answers.


From the death of Pat Mullins to the disappearance of Marie Elizabeth Spannhake, the true crime docuseries explores the various theories behind these cases – however, there's less doubt over who is responsible for the kidnapping of Aziz Khan, which is the focus of episode 9: Abducted by a Parent.

The episode looks at two cases in which children are believed to have been kidnapped by one of their parents, with the FBI currently looking for Ahmed Kandil in relation to Belel and Amina Kandil's disappearance, while Rabia Khalid and her husband Elliot Bourgeois are suspects in the disappearance of 11-year-old Aziz Khan.

With Aziz's father Abdul Khan speaking to Unsolved Mysteries in the hopes of finding his son, here's everything you need to know about his ex-wife and kidnapping suspect Rabia.

Who is Rabia Khalid?

Rabia in Unsolved Mysteries
Rabia Khalid. Netflix

Georgia-born woman Rabia Khalid is the ex-wife of Abdul Khan and the main suspect in the kidnapping case of their son Aziz.

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Rabia and Abdul separated in April 2014 when their son Abdul Aziz Khan, known as Aziz, was four years old. While the family were living in New Orleans, Rabia wanted to move back to Atlanta in Georgia, where her family were based.

Abdul and Rabia initially had shared custody of Aziz, with Abdul visiting him every other weekend, however the pair later underwent a bitter custody battle while Rabia began a new relationship with Elliot Bourgeois.

Private investigator JT Summers told Netflix: "I had my team set up surveillance in the apartment complex where Elliot and Rabia and Aziz lived. We ran out surveillance for 96 hours straight on their vehicles and on them from October 19th to October 23rd 2017.

"We followed them everywhere they went. Going to the grocery store, taking Aziz to school, picking him up from school. Elliot going to work and coming back, but nothing that caused us to believe that they were planning an imminent departure with Aziz. It seemed very normal life for them at that point in time."

The court determined that Abdul should be given full custody of Aziz, however on November 27th 2017, Aziz disappeared, suspected to have been abducted by his mother. On January 2nd 2020, a felony warrant for Rabia's arrest was issued, with the woman believed to be on the run with her new husband Elliot.

"They did not show up at work one day, just out of the blue," Deputy US Marshal Brian Fair told last year. "They fell off the map."

Where are Rabia Khalid and Aziz?

Unsolved Mysteries
Aziz and Abdul Khan. Netflix

While Rabia has been charged with felony kidnapping, neither she nor Aziz have been found. According to the US Marshals, she could be going by the name Rabia Bourgeois and "may be travelling with her husband, Elliot Bourgeois".

The 37-year-old was working as an epidemiologist before disappearing and allegedly planned to go on the run, according to Abdul. In the documentary, it is claimed Aziz had been taken out of school 10 days before he disappeared, while both Rabia and Elliot are said to have quit their jobs and sold their cars in the lead up to their vanishing.

"They both shut down their cell phones, closed their bank accounts, closed all their social media, and they disappeared," Abdul claimed.

If you have a tip you would like to submit to the case, you can do so at Unsolved Mysteries season 3 is available to stream on Netflix. Find out what else to watch with our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Documentaries hub.


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