Where is Glenn Vian now? What happened to him after the events in Murder in the Car Park

Glenn Vian was one of the four men charged with the murder of Daniel Morgan, before being cleared three years later. So where is he now?


One of the most investigated unsolved murders in history will be once again explored in Channel 4’s new documentary Murder in the Car Park.


The three-part series, which will shine the light on the murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan, comes hot off the heels of Murder in the Outback.

In 1987, Morgan was killed in a brutal axe attack in a South London pub car park, three years after he set up his own detective agency.

There were no witnesses of the murder, however, many believe it was because Morgan was on the verge of exposing police corruption, according to the Channel 4 documentary, although this was never confirmed.

Glenn Vian was one of the four men who was charged with the murder in 2008, before being acquitted three years later.

Who is Glenn Vian?

Glenn Vian is the former brother-in-law of Jonathan Rees, who was Daniel Morgan’s business partner.

murder in the car park

What happened to Glenn Vian?

On 10th March 1987, Private Investigator Daniel Morgan was brutally murdered with an axe in the carpark of a south London pub.

Vian, along with his brother Garry Vian and Rees, was wrongly charged for the murder in 2008.

However, the proceedings collapsed after a key piece of evidence was compromised, and the men were cleared three years later.

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Reconstruction (Channel 4)

Where is Glenn Vian now?

Following the acquittal, the three brothers tried to sue the Metropolitan Police for damages.

A High Court judge ruled Mr Rees and Glenn Vian should each receive £155,000, and Garry Vian £104,000.

Although the men originally lost their damages claim in the High Court, they later won an appeal in 2018.

For the first time ever, Vian, along with his former brother in-law Rees and ex-Metropolitan police detective Sid Fillery ,will give his account of events in Murder in the Car Park.

They will share their  story from the time of the murder and the years following, as the police investigation is unravelled again and again.


Murder in the Car Park airs on Channel 4 on Monday 15th June at 9pm. To find out what else is on in the mean time, check out our TV Guide.