Louis Theroux says there’s bound to be backlash to Murder at the Farm documentary

Theroux says it isn't possible to "please everybody" with the four-part docuseries.

Louis Theroux on The Bambers: Murder at The Farm

We’re used to seeing Louis Theroux in front of the camera presenting a hard-hitting documentary, but now he has once again gone behind the lenses to looks into one of the most infamous cases in British history in new Sky Crime series, The Bambers: Murder at The Farm.


On 7th August 1985, local police entered a secluded Essex farmhouse to find five dead bodies — a young mother, Sheila Caffell, her twin sons and her parents, who’d all been shot and killed. Initially it appeared to be the scene of a tragic murder-suicide committed by the troubled mother, Sheila. However, fresh evidence later emerged, putting Sheila’s brother Jeremy Bamber firmly in the frame.

He was eventually convicted of five murders and sent to prison for life. However, for the last 35 years, Bamber has been fighting his conviction from his maximum-security prison cell, consistently maintaining his innocence.​

Executively produced by Theroux and directed by Lottie Gammon, Murder at The Farm, which launches on Sunday, 26th September, takes a forensic look at the complex case, using previously unheard audio tapes of Jeremy Bamber and unseen archive footage to explore evidence that has emerged since the original trial and re-examine the shocking events at White House Farm.

Despite in-depth scientific research and interviews with various contributors, Theroux believes the four-part series is “bound to” cause backlash due to the “emotionally charged” nature of the case.

Speaking to press including RadioTimes.com, Theroux explained: “Basically it’s a highly charged subject, and it’s a deeply emotional subject, and there are people who are passionately committed on both sides. And so, I’m sure there will be [a backlash].

“I don’t think the aim when you make a documentary is to please everybody, because it’s an impossible mission. I think what we have though is the advantage of basically approaching it responsibly and with a sense of integrity and a commitment to just tell you the truth.”

The Bambers: Murder at The Farm
The Bambers: Murder at The Farm
Anglia Press Agency

Theroux hopes the documentary will do the case justice, adding: “I really think we told the story with decency and tastefulness but, like I say, with a story that divides people in terms of how they view it, of course there’s going to be some sort of pushback from somebody.”


The Bambers: Murder at The Farm, which premieres on Sky Crime and NOW on 26th September at 9pm. Find out what else to watch with our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Documentaries hub.