Netflix's latest docu-series Worst Roommate Ever chronicles the crimes of four seemingly innocuous roommates who turned into real-life nightmares.


Over five episodes, the series will look at some of the most unsettling true stories of serial killers and con artists and their unsuspecting victims.

One of the subjects featured in the doc is Jamison Bachman - a serial squatter, who ended up murdering his own brother.

Here's everything you need to know about Jamison, and what he did.

Who is Jamison Bachman?

Jamison Bachman is a serial squatter. Dubbed the "worst roommate ever", Jamison would move in with others, who he'd later try to have evicted from their home, or cause issues for as he refused to pay rent or leave.

Jamison had attended Georgetown University and the University of Miami, where his teachers said he had "remarkable talents’", however, he failed his bar exam meaning his legal talents were of use to no one but himself.

What did Jamison Bachman do?

Jamison Bachman

In 2017, a 31-year-old lady named Alex Miller advertised her spare bedroom on Craigslist. Two weeks later, she received an offer from a man named Jed Creek, who she'd later find out was actually Jamison Bachman.

Creek claimed to be a lawyer and told her needed to find a room as his family, who lived nearby, were sick and he needed to care for them.

Upon agreeing to live together, Creek wrote Miller a cheque for $800. Although there was no address on the cheque, Miller thought nothing of it as it cleared the next day.

The pair got into a routine of living together, with Creek rising early to walk his dog, but soon things started to go badly. When Alex asked him to pay $140 for his half of the utility bills, Creek claimed the money covered the period before he even moved in.

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When she pressed him to pay, he texted her: "We can handle this in court if you prefer."

One day when Miller came home, Creek had taken all lightbulbs out of the communal living room for his lamps and took the six dining room chairs to make them into a desk.

To get out of paying his rent, Creek would use excuses like a dirty plate left out or a cigarette butt in the toilet, saying it breached the "warranty of habitability".

Alex's mother grew suspicious of Creek and decided to look him up online, only to find his real name, and several articles - one of which stated that he tried to evict a woman named Melissa Frost from her home in New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

After learning of his true identity from her mother, Alex wrote Creek a letter informing him that the authorities had been made aware of his actions and he had to leave.

He eventually left, but not before pouring cat litter down the toilet first. Later that day, he returned to the property and attacked Alex. Alex called the police and Jamison was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. When he left, she found a box with bullets and a cleaning kit for a 0.380 caliber pistol in his belongings.

Jamison was bailed out of jail by his older brother Harry, who he asked to stay with as he wasn't allowed to go back to Alex's place. Harry's wife Caroline refused, however, and later that day, Bachman beat his brother to death.

Is Jamison Bachman still alive?

No. According to the police, Jamison killed Harry, stole Caroline’s car and an American Express card, and drove seven miles to rent a room at a nearby hotel.

When police found him, he surrendered, and Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele and Cheltenham Police Chief John Frye said they would charge Jamison Bachman with first- and third-degree murder.

However, before he could stand trial, Jamison hung himself in his cell at the Montgomery County prison.

The deaths of the brothers left Alex feeling guilty, however, it meant she didn't have to face Jamison in court and could move on with her life.

The Worst Roommate Ever is available to stream now on Netflix. For something else, visit our TV Guide our check out dedicated Documentaries hub.


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