Netflix has long established itself as one of the most prolific producers of true crime documentaries - and now their latest offering looks at the intricacies of detective work.


Catching Killers, as the title suggests, sees detectives, analysts and other witnesses recount some of the most infamous murder cases of modern times, breaking down the methods they used to catch the perpetrator as well as looking at how the cases have affected them personally over the years.

However there will also be a Mindunter-esque element as the series looks at the psychology of serial killers - so it looks to be a fairly all-round look at murderers, their intentions and the trail of evidence they leave behind.

Here's everything you need to know about Catching Killers on Netflix.

Catching Killers release date

Catching Killers was released on Netflix on Thursday 4th November 2021 and is available to stream now.

What is Catching Killers about?

Catching Killers goes in-depth into how homicide detectives solve cases, starting with the intricacies of a crime scene and following the investigation right up to the eventual capture of the offenders. Investigators will give audiences a thorough explanation of the efforts they went to solving some of the most infamous serial killer cases out there - often without all the resources available today - and looking at how advancements in forensics and crime scene science proved crucial.

The docu-series will also look at how the minds of murderers, exploring what makes them tick and the many patterns investigators spotted - and also how many of the spine-chilling discoveries affected them personally.

Catching Killers trailer

The trailer sees several investigators go through all sorts of emotions as they discuss past murder cases - chillingly ending with the line: "When you see something like that it has some effect on you. If it doesn't, in my opinion you're not human."

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Catching Killers episodes

Catching Killers is only made up of four relatively short episodes, perfect for binging. The first two episodes focus on one serial killer each while the final two instalments are a two-parter covering just one case.

1. Body Count: The Green River Killer

The first episode revolves around the decade-long hunt for the murderer of several women around the Green River area - which was finally solved after a huge breakthrough in crime scene science.

2. Manhunter: Aileen Wuornos

The second episode focuses on Aileen Wuornos, the serial killer memorably portrayed by an Oscar-winning Charlize Theron in 2003 film Monster. The episode follows detectives investigating a trail of bodies in Florida in 1990, eventually turning to undercover methods to catch what turns out to be a surprising suspect.

3. True Lies, Part 1: The Happy Face Killer

The first instalment of this two-parter focuses on investigators on the hunt for the killer of a young Oregon woman in 1990, who soon receive a confession - but all is not what it seems.

4. True Lies, Part 2: The Happy Face Killer

The arrival of a momentous letter re-opens a previously closed case, calling into question the guilt of the convicted criminals and suggesting the real killer may still be at large.


Catching Killers is available to stream on Netflix now. You can also check out the best series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix to keep you entertained or visit to our TV guide for more to watch.