Following in the footsteps of The Most Hated Man on The Internet and Trainwreck: Woodstock '99, Netflix’s latest docuseries I Just Killed My Dad explores the curious case of Anthony Templet, who shot and killed his father in 2019 before calling the police and handing himself in.


But what appeared to be a cold-blooded murder later turned out to be a much more complex case than anyone had ever suspected.

The Netflix three-parter, which comes to our screens courtesy of Skye Borgman (Abducted in Plain Sight), explores the psyche of Anthony leading up to the chilling murder, featuring interview footage of key witnesses as well as Templet himself.

The trailer (below) teases some of the differing opinions about the case, kicking off with a woman professing: "The scariest thing about Anthony is he’s just kind of like a blank slate. I don’t know if he has empathy."

Later on in the clip, an officer states: "He said his father physically attacked him. I did not see any bruising or injuries to Anthony."

The official Netflix synopsis teases an "unprecedented" look at an "unbelievable, never-been-told-before true story".

So, here's everything you need to know about Anthony Templet, what he did and where he is now.

Who is Anthony Templet?

Anthony Templet is a 20-year-old from Louisiana who killed his father Burt Templet after shooting him at their home in June 2019.

Templet was initially charged with second-degree murder, however, the charge was later reduced to manslaughter after his family said that he had acted in self-defense after being subjected to abuse by his father for years, according to WAFB9.

Last year, he pled no contest to a negligent homicide charge for the death of his father and was sentenced to five years of supervised probation with credit for time served.

What did Anthony Templet do?

Anthony Templet
Anthony Templet Netflix

On 3rd June 2019, 17-year-old Anthony Templet was arrested after shooting his father at their Baton Rouge home.

According to Fox8 Local First, Templet shot his father after the two got into an argument over Anthony's mobile phone, which Burt had been trying to look through to see if Anthony had been speaking to his ex-wife Susan.

Anthony described what happened in a 911 call after shooting his father, saying: "He tried to attack me. Then, we got into a fist fight. Then, I ran in his room, closed the door and got a gun.

"As I unlocked the door, he tried to {inaudible} and then I shot him."

He goes onto say that he had fired three shots and tried to shoot him in the head but was not sure if he had been killed, however he knew he had shot him as he saw blood on the floor.

Burt died several days later, with Anthony being charged with second-degree murder.

However, when Anthony's family said that he had acted in self-defense and said he was regularly abused by his father for years, the charges were downgraded to manslaughter.

Anthony's family alleged to press that Burt had kept him secluded from the rest of his family for years, having taken him from their home in Texas when Anthony 5-years-old.

"After 11 years of waiting to hear if my brother was still alive, he is found," Anthony's sister Natasha told WAFB in 2019, revealing that she only discovered where he was after his arrest for manslaughter.

"He has been secluded and abused all these years by his own father. My brave brother had to defend himself for the last time against that evil man," she added. "He snatched him from our home. Burt and my mom were together for about ten years and it was extremely violent."

According to The Advocate, Templet told a judge that he had never completed a year in school as his father hadn't allowed him to attend.

Natasha added that Burt had been "extremely violent" towards their mother when he was with her for 10 years.

Details also came to light of Burt Templet's abusive past, with his ex-wife Susan filing an order of protection against him several months before the shooting, according to court documents obtained by WAFB. They also state that he was physically abusive and in one instance, knocked some of her teeth out.

Where is Anthony Templet now?

In March 2021, Anthony Templet was convicted of negligent homicide over the death of his father and was sentenced to five years of supervised probation with credit for the time he had already served in prison.

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The judge also added a special condition which required Templet to obtain a high school diploma during his supervised probation.

Prosecutor Dana Cummings said during the judgment: "What would time in jail do for this young man who has never actually had a chance to learn or to have friends or to be in the world?"

Anthony, who is now 20, will appear in Netflix's upcoming documentary I Just Killed My Dad, in which he'll speak about his father's death.

I Just Killed My Dad arrived on Netflix on Tuesday 9th August. Read more of our Documentaries coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what else is on.


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