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What made Anthony Templet appear in I Just Killed My Dad? Director explains

I Just Killed My Dad director Skye Borgman spoke to about securing an interview with the show's subject Anthony Templet.

Anthony Templet, the subject of I Just Killed My Dad on Netflix.
Published: Wednesday, 10th August 2022 at 4:23 pm
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Netflix's latest true crime documentary I Just Killed My Dad arrived on the streamer this week, in which Anthony Templet tells his side of the story after shooting and killing his father Burt Templet in 2019.


The three-parter marks the first time that Templet has spoken about his father's death in depth, and while there are a number of contributors in the docuseries, director Skye Borgman has explained why Anthony chose to take part.

In an exclusive interview with, Borgman said that "it didn't take much convincing" for Templet to be interviewed for the documentary, after Half Yard Productions approached his lawyer Garrett Ambo.

"It was really I think Garrett wanting to give Anthony the opportunity to tell his story and to really practise verbalising it. I don't even mean telling his story on a global scale but just to be able to talk through what had happened to him."

Skye Borgman
Skye Borgman (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

She added: "He had been going to therapy and he had been talking about things, but to really kind of prepare him for what they thought would be a trial, and having him be around people because he hadn't been around that many people throughout his life.

"To be able to publicly tell his story, he wanted to prepare Anthony for it," she continued. "Anthony thought it was an important story to tell and he wanted other people to know this story. He wanted to take that chance to tell the world what had happened to him."

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In June 2019, Anthony Templet was arrested after shooting his father Burt Templet in their Baton Rouge home and originally charged with second-degree murder.

However, Templet was eventually convicted of negligent homicide and sentenced to five years of supervised probation after his family alleged that Burt had abused Anthony for years, prevented him from going to school and prevented him from seeing his mother and sister from the age of five.

I Just Killed My Dad is available on Netflix. Read more of our Documentaries coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what else is on.


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