One of the directors of Unsolved Mysteries has said that he believes it's "only a matter of time" before a case from the series is solved.

Marcus A. Clarke, who directed the episode No Ride Home - which told the story of Alonzo Brooks - said he reckons that the exposure provided by Netflix could help lead to a conviction in the mysterious case.

The director was appearing on the Netflix true crime podcast You Can’t Make This Up when he was asked by host Rebecca Lavoie how hopeful he was of finding answers in the case, and replied that he was "incredibly hopeful".

Clarke continued: "If fact I think Alonzo's story has the best chance in my opinion of getting solved, of getting some traction on the case and finding out who was responsible.

"I personally think it's only a matter of time in this situation because of the exposure that you get with Netflix and because of just where we are with communication and technology now.

"You know that blog that we were talking about [a blog that was set up in the aftermath of Brooks' death for users to post tips] that was kind of the only way then to anonymously have that conversation and to give tips.

"Now the way the internet is and the way Twitter is the way the website with Unsolved Mysteries is where people are allowed to come in and share that information it happens that much faster, it's like tenfold faster."

He concluded: "Unsolved Mysteries has an incredible track record of leading to getting cases resolved or finding a conviction and so in a series with six episodes we have a fairly good chance of one getting solved and I'm going to put my money on that being the Alonzo Brooks' story."

No Ride Home told the story of 23-year-old Brooks, who attended a party at a farmhouse in rural Kansas but never returned from it.

One month later, his body was discovered just 250 feet from the location of the party, but the cause of death remains unknown – despite rumours that local people might have crucial information.

The body of Alonzo Brooks was recently exhumed, as the FBI are pursuing an investigation into the man’s death being a racially motivated crime.

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