Actor Tommy Jessop won over fans with his performance as Terry Boyle in Line of Duty, but now he's setting his sights even higher - and taking on Hollywood in a one-off BBC special, Tommy Jessop Goes to Hollywood.


Created by Jessop and his older brother Will, the documentary will shine a light on what life with Down's syndrome is really like, as well as following Jessop on a trip to Hollywood where he pitches his idea for a superhero movie he could star in.

Jessop also drafts in stars such as Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington and Scream actor Neve Campbell to help him move one step closer to making the film.

Tommy Jessop Goes to Hollywood marks the brothers’ third collaboration, with the duo having previously produced Tommy’s Story in in 2007 and Growing Up Down’s in 2014.

But who exactly is Jessop and what else has he starred in? Read on for everything you need to know.

Who is Tommy Jessop?

Tommy Jessop in Tommy Jessop Goes to Hollywood
Tommy Jessop in Tommy Jessop Goes to Hollywood. Will Jessop/BBC Studios/BBC

Jessop is a British actor who shot to fame thanks to his role in Line of Duty as murder suspect Terry Boyle.

How old is Tommy Jessop?

Jessop is 38 years old.

What has Tommy Jessop previously starred in?

Tommy and Will Jessop in Tommy Jessop Goes to Hollywood, standing next to each other, smiling
Tommy and Will Jessop in Tommy Jessop Goes to Hollywood. Will Jessop/BBC Studios/BBC

As well as Line of Duty, the actor has appeared in BBC drama Coming Down the Mountain, as well as Off Their Rockers, Casualty and Doctors.

Jessop's brother Will recently criticised the lack of acting roles for people with Down's syndrome.

"The roles that come through [feel] typecast — victims, people in hospital beds, people who need support," he told The Times.

"When he was in Line of Duty, it felt as if that was an incredible breakthrough. Tommy was at the centre of all the attention.

"We’re desperate to live in a world where he no longer has to be the first, where it becomes routine that other people [with Down’s syndrome] have the opportunities."

What has Tommy Jessop said about the new BBC documentary?

Speaking about Tommy Jessop Goes to Hollywood, the star told The Mirror: "I have watched countless superhero films in the past and I think it’s about time someone with Down's syndrome should play a superhero.

"We should always be speaking up for the rights of people with Down's syndrome so that we are able to make our own choices in life."

Is Tommy Jessop on Instagram?

Yes, he can be found at the handle @tommy_jessop.

Is Tommy Jessop on Twitter?

Yes, he can be found at the handle @tommyjessop.

Tommy Jessop Goes to Hollywood will air on BBC One on 21st August 2023.


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