In case you hadn't noticed, there's been a lot of discussion in recent times about veganism, its nutritional benefits and environmental advantages. In this Netflix documentary, several world-famous athletes and bodybuilders have their say...


See below for everything you need to know about Netflix's The Game Changers...

What is The Game Changers about?

The documentary follows British UFC fighter James Wilks as he travels around the world to discover the optimal diet for human performance, particularly looking into the benefits of a plant-based diet. Along the way, he interviews scientists, special ops soldiers, action stars and some of the biggest names in sport.

Why is everyone talking about The Game Changers?

The Game Changers makes some pretty big claims, suggesting that a plant-based diet is actually better for improving performance and strength than eating meat.

"It's not one set of dietary guidelines for improving your performance as an athlete, another one for reversing heart disease, reversing diabetes," said Dr Dean Ornish."It's the same for all of them."

The documentary also shows several burly world-class athletes who have achieved astonishing feats which they attribute to a plant-based diet.

"When I made the switch to a plant-based diet, I qualified for my third Olympic team, I broke two American records," said weightlifter Kendrick Farris."I was like man, I should have done this a long while ago!"

The Game Changers2

During the film, Wilks discovers that the Roman gladiators were mostly vegetarian, and after taking part in a seven-day vegan challenge New York firefighters find they had apparently reduced cholesterol and blood pressure.

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It has also hit the headlines recently as the documentary allegedly convinced the CEO of Greggs to turn vegan, surely guaranteeing that vegan sausage rolls are here to stay (sorry Piers Morgan).

How can I watch The Game Changers?

The documentary is available to watch now on Netflix. You can also watch The Game Changers on Amazon.

Who is in The Game Changers?

Appropriately for a documentary about strength, the film features several heavyweight action stars and athletes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic and James Cameron all feature to discuss the ideal diet for peak human strength and performance.

Is there a trailer for The Game Changers?


The Game Changes is on Netflix now.