Netflix has been releasing a fair number of documentaries recently, including this heartbreaking exploration of memory, identity and brotherly love.


This is what you need to know about this impactful Netflix film.

How can I watch Tell Me Who I Am?

Tell Me Who I Am is available now on Netflix.

What is Tell Me Who I Am about?

After Alex loses his memory following a motorcycle crash aged 18, he relies on his twin brother Marcus – the only person he does remember – to teach him who he is. But Marcus is concealing a dark family secret and must decide whether to tell his brother the horrific truth or keep it forever hidden.

Tell Me Who I Am is the story of a life built on truth and lies, exploring identity and the extraordinary bond between twins.

Is Tell Me Who I Am based on a book?

The documentary is based on a book of the same name, written by the twins in 2013, alongside author Joanna Hodgkin.

The book covers much of the same material as the documentary, chronicling Alex's awakening from a coma and the years which followed, as he attempts to build his own backstory with the reluctant help of Marcus.

But the book withholds a few details, and these finally come out at the end of the documentary, when the twins confront the emotional distance between them.

Who is the director of Tell Me Who I Am?

The documentary was directed by acclaimed filmmaker Ed Perkins, whose previous work includes Garnet's Gold and the Oscar-nominated Black Sheep.


Perkins spent three years getting to know the brothers before filming started, encouraging them to leave that crucial conversation – where the two speak openly for the first time in 35 years – until the end of filming.

Is there a trailer for Tell Me Who I Am?