Nadiya Hussain praised for “important” BBC documentary on anxiety

The 2015 winner of The Great British Bake Off spoke openly about her struggles in moving film Nadiya: Anxiety and Me

Nadiya: Anxiety and Me (BBC)

Nadiya Hussain has been met with praise for her frank discussion of her own experiences of anxiety in a new BBC1 documentary.


Nadiya: Anxiety and Me aired as part of the BBC’s Mental Health Season, and observed how the TV baker handled her anxiety and extreme panic attacks.

The documentary saw Hussain head into schools to see how teachers deal with outbreaks of anxiety amongst students, and turn to King’s College London to learn about preventing her anxiety being passed down to her children.

However, fans were most moved when Hussain herself spoke frankly and openly about her own experiences with anxiety in a cognitive behavioural therapy session

Hussain told viewers at home how the condition – which she had not been formally diagnosed with before taking part in the documentary – had seen her lose friends and pile pressure on herself.

Viewers took to Twitter to praise Hussain, calling her an “example to everyone” and deeming the powerful documentary “important”.

Hussain herself said she was “overwhelmed” by the response to the programme.

“Thank you to everyone who tuned in to watch Anxiety and Me,” she wrote on her own Twitter page. “I have been nervous all day. But I am so overwhelmed with the response.

“Thank you for all of the support on here tonight. I watched cautiously and felt nervous throughout but I really hope that now we’re talking about it, we keep talking! It was difficult to make but worth every tear and sleepless night! We are in it together.”

The BBC’s Mental Health Season will also see Alistair Campbell open up on his experience of depression, while actor David Harewood discusses his psychotic breakdown in Psychosis and Me, with both documentaries airing on BBC2.


Nadiya: Anxiety and Me is available to watch on BBC iPlayer