Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace returned to ITV tonight (23rd May), kicking off its second season by reuniting the show's youngest-ever foundling with her full sister.


The show, which is hosted by The Masked Singer's Davina McCall and 5 Live presenter Nicky Campbell, works with genealogical experts to help foundlings – people who were abandoned as babies – find their relatives and discover basic facts about their identity.

In episode 1, viewers met Natasha Carr, who was abandoned as a baby in the toilets of London's St Thomas's Hospital in 1989, making her the youngest foundling Long Lost Family has helped so far.

Now living in Hackney, Natasha asked Long Lost Family for help tracking down her biological family, having no information about her life before being fostered and eventually adopted at the age of two.

Reunited Natasha Carr with her full sister, Lee-Ann.
Reunited Natasha Carr with her full sister, Lee-Ann. ITV

While the show was unable to track down her biological parents, they did discover after one of its longest ever searches that Natasha has a full sister named Lee-Ann, who is just 18 months older than her.

Sharing 51 per cent of Natasha's DNA, Lee-Ann is another child that came from both of Natasha's parents and was also a foundling, who was left in the staff toilets at St James's Hospital in Balham when she was a few days old.

When asked by host Davina McCall how she felt upon hearing the news, Natasha said: "It's so lovely and to have someone that has the same experience. No one will ever understand unless you're in the exact same situation and she literally was in the same situation."

She added: "To find a sibling is a big thing and she's happy, that's the main thing for me. I just can't believe it."

The episode saw the two sisters meet one another in an emotional moment before comparing newspaper clippings about their stories and the similar hand-made blankets that they were found in.

The end credits of the episode revealed that Natasha and Lee-Ann remain in regular contact and continue to search for their birth parents.

Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace continues on Tuesday 24th May at 9pm on ITV. Check out our full TV Guide or visit our Entertainment hub for the latest news.


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