“Everyone should watch it – then complain to Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt”: BBC2’s Hospital had viewers up in arms

The documentary shone a brutal light on the daily pressures faced by hospitals and staff in the NHS


Angry and frustrated viewers last night called for Prime Minister Theresa May and Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt to be made to watch new BBC2 documentary Hospital.


Filmed over six weeks, the opening episode gave an unflinching look at the daily pressures and struggles that staff and managers face at one of the country’s biggest NHS Trusts in London.

With next to no beds available in several central London hospitals on an average Monday morning, surgeons were faced with an impossible decision. Do they give the one remaining bed to a cancer patient called Simon who needs surgery imminently, or is it reserved and given to an emergency admission – a woman who’s had an aneurysm and needs life-saving surgery?

It was a situation that had viewers up in arms on Twitter, with many saying that May and Hunt should have to watch the programme.

Bristol-based surgeon Phillip Clamp praised the programme for giving an “honest and frank portrayal of current NHS pressures”, while others were left in tears watching the hard work of NHS staff.


Hospital continues on Wednesday January 18 on BBC Two at 9pm