First look at David Attenborough’s epic new BBC series Dynasties

Attenborough is back with a natural history series that will take an intimate look at five families of animals

Dynasties with David Attenborough

The BBC’s new nature series Dynasties will be full of big personalities – and we’re not just talking about Sir David Attenborough.


The broadcaster has unveiled a first trailer for the epic BBC1 natural history series, showing what viewers can expect from the landmark documentary.

Following on from the success of Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II, this series will focus on five “celebrated yet endangered” species.

Cameras will follow families of tigers, lions, hunting dogs, emperor penguins and chimpanzees, “revealing the complexities of power, rivalry and tenderness in animal relationships.”

The trailer was released to coincide with World Animal Day. Watch the video below.

Dynasties, which has been four years in the making, will be presented by Attenborough himself.

According to the BBC, the new series will be “an intense portrayal of the lives of these animals as they unfold, day-by-day, hour-by-hour, where the tiniest incident may end up having a huge consequence on their future.

“Their chances of success depend on their own strength of character, their choices and on luck. But these animals do not operate alone – their success or failure will also hinge on how they work with, or against, their own families.”


No air date has yet been confirmed.

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