When is Channel 4’s Dispatches on? Documentary’s start time and episode guide

Here's which episode is on next.


Current affairs programme Dispatches has been investigating British society, politics, health and religion since 1987, often using undercover journalists to find the truth behind the headlines.


The investigative series has won numerous awards, and covered varied topics over the years including the MMR vaccine scandal, teaching in inner city schools, among many others.

The long-running series is now in its 35th season, and this year has already uncovered the dirty truth about how our rubbish is disposed of, and the Black maternity scandal, which was presented by Rochelle Humes.

So you don’t miss out on any upcoming episodes, here is a guide to the series, including the next episode and how you can watch it.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dispatches.

When is Dispatches on TV?

New episodes of Dispatches usually air on Monday nights on Channel 4, and can be streamed on All4.

The most recent episode, on Monday, 10th May, looked at Royals for Hire. Reporter Andy Barnett went undercover to find out what some members of the Queen’s family might be prepared to do for money – including offers of privileged access to Kensington Palace and Vladimir Putin.

The episode is available to stream on All4.

Dispatches Episode Guide

Second Wave: Did the Government Get It Wrong?

The next new episode is on tonight (Monday, 17thMay) at 10pm.

The Dispatches team have previously looked at Britain’s COVID crisis in episodes including The Truth About Long COVID, COVID Critical: A Doctor’s Story and Lockdown Chaos: How The Government Lost Control.


This new documentary episode, Second Wave: Did The Government Get It Wrong?, explores the deadly second wave of the COVID pandemic in the United Kingdom.

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