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When is Channel 4’s Dispatches on? Documentary’s start time and episode guide

Here's which episode is on next.

Published: Wednesday, 16th June 2021 at 4:39 pm

Five-time winner of the Royal Television Society's Award in Current Affairs, Channel 4 documentary series Dispatches has been tackling difficult stories about society, politics, health and religion since 1987.


The current affairs investigative series, now on its 35th season, often features journalists and documentary makers going undercover to reveal the truth on such varied subjects as the MMR vaccine scandal, budget airlines, local council finances and teaching, and Prince Andrew's friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

Here is a guide to the series, including recent episodes, as well as information on the latest episode and how to watch.

When is Dispatches on TV?

New episodes of Dispatches usually air on Monday nights on Channel 4, and can be streamed on All4.

Recent episodes have focused on the Black maternity scandal presented by Rochelle Humes, a look at Royals for Hire with reporter Andy Barnett, and a new documentary about the government's handling of the COVID pandemic entitled Second Wave: Did the Government Get It Wrong?

The episodes are available to stream on All4.

Dispatches Episode Guide

Under Cover in Africa's Secret State

The next new episode of Dispatches is on tonight (Wednesday, 16th June) at 11.05pm on Channel 4.

The Dispatches team investigate Eritrea, one of the world's most secretive regimes, and discover the truth behind allegations of torture, detention and forced conscription in the East African nation.


In the last two decades, more than half a million Eritreans have fled their homes, escaping one of the most repressive dictatorships in the world. For more than five years, producer-director Evan Williams has gathered secret footage and documents to show the conditions in the country that has been ruled for 30 years by President Isaias Afwerki for this documentary.

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