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David Attenborough would be up for another sequel: Frozen Planet II

With the success of Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II, David Attenborough could return to another of his epic nature documentary series

National Television Awards - David Attenborough
Published: Wednesday, 24th January 2018 at 4:11 pm

First came Planet Earth II, then came Blue Planet II – but will David Attenborough be completing the trilogy with Frozen Planet II?


It has been seven years since BBC nature documentary series Frozen Planet took us to the polar regions. Since then, Attenborough has returned to his landmark shows The Blue Planet (2001) and Planet Earth (2006) with spectacular sequels that have educated millions about the natural world and introduced us to the mysteries of the deep ocean.

Asked at the National Television Awards whether he would be willing to make Frozen Planet II, he told "Yes. That's not actually what's in the plan at the moment, but if they said that – I suppose!"

"I don't know, I suppose some time I've got to think I should maybe sit down in an armchair and take it easy, but at the moment I don't need to so why should I?"

But the 91-year-old naturalist, whose recent projects include Attenborough and the Sea Dragon and Attenborough and the Giant Elephant, remained enigmatic about what was "in the plan" for the next few years.

"Oh, this and that, this and that," he said.

David Attenborough (Getty,mh)

Attenborough and his team collected the Impact Award for Blue Planet II at the National Television Awards, which recognised how footage of plastic pollution and humanity's impact on the oceans had changed public perception and forced government action.

A sequel to 2011's Frozen Planet could highlight the effects of global warming and climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic.


Each blockbuster Attenborough BBC series takes about four years to film as camera crews collect footage from around the world, so perhaps we should expect to see Frozen Planet II sometime in the mid 2020s...


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