David Attenborough hits new heights with emotional Planet Earth II finale

Viewers were blown away by the final episode's environmental message – and those baby turtles


Planet Earth II. From its pitch-perfect Hans Zimmer soundtrack, to the miraculous nature caught on screen every week, it was a truly epic achievement of broadcasting.


And now it’s gone. But not before gifting a final vital message to its audience: it’s down to us to save the planet.

Speaking on top of London’s Shard building at the end of ‘Cities’, the final episode of the series, Attenborough called for everyone to protect our planet – for ourselves and all creatures living on it.

Although many were still upset about the episode’s Hawksbill baby turtles who were disorientated by the city’s 24-hour glare.

But stop your panicking, folks – those turtles were indeed rescued by the film crew.


Maybe there is a god after all (hopefully with David Attenborough’s voice).