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What time is new nature series Big Cats on TV?

Everything you need to know about the new BBC show

Doctor Foster villain Bertie Carvel is narrating a brand new nature series. Here’s when to watch Big Cats and what to expect…


What time is Big Cats on TV?

Big Cats concludes on Thursday 25th January at 8pm on BBC1.

What’s it about?

The three-part documentary follows the enthralling behaviour of big cats and also gives insight into the secret lives of the rarely-seen 'small' big cats (we know, confusing) – something only the latest filming technology and scientific research has enabled BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit to do.

The rusty spotted cat in Sri Lanka is the world’s smallest cat (BBC)

For more than two years the Big Cats team has travelled to 14 different countries and filmed 31 out of the 40 species – more than any other crew has done before.

We’ll see everything from the Canada lynx in the frozen North to the Pallas’s cat in remote Mongolia, the swamp tiger of the Sundarbans and the spotted cat of Sri Lanka.

Is there a trailer?


Yes, here you go…


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