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Ben Fogle opens up on “inspirational” older couple in New Lives in the Wild

The TV presenter was "inspired" by the pair during filming for series 16.

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild
Published: Monday, 3rd January 2022 at 9:00 am

Ben Fogle is back visiting people who have completely transformed their lives in a brand new series of Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild.


The new episodes, which start on Channel 5 this week, will see the presenter travelling around the UK and Europe as he meets with individuals who have turned their back on the busy, corporate lifestyle for a simpler way of life.

And there's one particular couple who touched Ben's heart during filming for series 16.

Speaking exclusively to, Ben opened up about a German-Austrian couple, who he meets in episode two at their new home in Ireland.

"For me, it wasn't necessarily the most beautiful of places, but I loved their story. I thought it was very lyrical and poetic. I thought they spoke very movingly about getting old. They're the oldest couple that we've ever had on this series," he explained.

"The fact that they offered their whole life to one of the viewers of this show kind of seems amazing to me. The fact that they trust me enough that they genuinely think someone who watches it might like to move into their house moved me to tears and is one of the most beautiful things anyone's ever said.

"It's the power of trust and I was a complete stranger to them. They were without doubt the most inspiring couple I've ever met in my life. And I just thought, everything they said and everything they had created was incredibly profound."

Asked whether he'd like to adopt any of the new lifestyle changes seen in the series, Fogle said: "I'd love to simplify my life. I'd love to kind of live an entirely off-grid life without all the complications that I have in mine, but the reality is that I have two children in school, they've got their friends, and we've got extended family.

"So, we have decided to kind of embrace this life right now. But, one day, I like the idea that maybe I'll be able to simplify it!"

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Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild returns with a new four-part series on Tuesday 4th January at 9pm on Channel 5. To find out what’s on TV tonight, check out our TV Guide or visit our Documentaries hub for all the latest news. 


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