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BBC3 is Breaking into Prison to reveal how drugs, phones and weapons get inside jails

The new documentary tells the inside story of how corruption, criminal networks and new technology like drones have created a black market behind bars

Published: Friday, 28th October 2016 at 11:00 am

BBC3 is going behind bars once again in a new documentary that will reveal how contraband items like drugs, phones and weapons make their way inside jails.


Produced by Antidote Productions, the company behind the acclaimed Professor Green: Suicide and Me, Breaking into Prison follows filmmaker Livvy Haydock as she uncovers the links that make up the illegal supply chain – from drug dealers making ten times street value by selling to prisoners, to the 'mules' who smuggle the goods inside using everything from drones to corrupt prison officers to get an incredible range of items past security.

Haydock will also pose wider questions about prison life, examining how new technology combined with the lucrative black market among inmates is driving violence that extends to the outside world.

“This film exposes the shocking levels of contraband getting into UK prisons," said Haydock. "Hearing from those on the frontline I discover just how out of control things are."

Director Leila Monks added: "We're really proud of this film as it reveals the complexities of an underground network that is hidden from view. Livvy is the perfect person to help navigate this world and we're glad to be championing new female talent."

Breaking into Prison is the first in a series of three access-driven BBC3 documentaries from Antidote Productions to be fronted by Haydock.

Breaking into Prison will be available to watch via BBC3 on iPlayer and YouTube from Monday 7th November 2016


The three part series is an Antidote production for BBC3. The Executive Producer is Laura Jones


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