Susanna Reid forced to intervene as Piers Morgan gives an animal trophy hunter both barrels on Good Morning Britain

"I should have been more offensive," said Piers after the programme


Piers Morgan is an outspoken opponent of big game hunting for sport. Let’s face it, Piers Morgan is outspoken full stop. So when an animal trophy hunter joined Piers and co-host Susanna Reid on the Good Morning Britain sofa on Wednesday, it was no surprise that sparks flew.


“I find it repulsive when I see these big American corporate tycoons that are blasting at rhinos and then posing for their lovely pictures,” said Morgan. “Why should I not feel it’s repulsive….The trophy element is what repulses me.”

“You need to move away from the emotional argument,” ventured the guest, to which Piers responded “It is emotional! When I see a severed head of a lion on a wall, I get emotional about it.

“The fact that you don’t says more about you than it does about me.”

It was at this point that a worried Susanna decided it was time to step in, saying “I’m afraid I’m going to have to intervene otherwise we won’t get through the rest of the programme”.

Having given the guest both barrels, Piers stuck to his guns, tweeting after the show that “I should have been more offensive”.


Susanna, meanwhile, poointed out that there was the matter of a TV schedule to consider…