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Have I Got News for You host Steph McGovern shares “creepy” Donald Trump story

“He thought that was the best thing to say to me"

The Steph Show
Published: Friday, 26th October 2018 at 3:10 pm

Political satire show Have I Got News For You may have seen its most outrageous story yet.


The 26th October edition of the news quiz is fronted by BBC Breakfast presenter Steph McGovern, her first time in the guest host role.


She is joined by veteran journalist and broadcaster Dame Joan Bakewell and Pointless host Richard Osman, who accompany regular team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton.

Upon dissecting the news that US president Donald Trump has pulled out of a 30-year nuclear arms agreement, McGovern, 36, recalled the time she was asked to interview Trump for BBC Breakfast.


“Having once met Trump…’ she began her tale, “Ah he’s creepy, man”.

“How was he? Did you talk to him?” Osman asked.

“Yeah I had to, I was interviewing him. Would have been a bit tricky if I hadn’t!” she replied.

“What did he say?” Hislop queried.


“He said ‘You’re so beautiful, I’m going to leave the room to make myself look better, because if we do this interview now everyone is just going to be staring at you and not listening to me.’” McGovern told the panel, before pretending to gag.

She continued: “It’s because he thought that would be the best way to disarm me. He thought as a female journalist, he thought that was the best thing to say to me rather than ‘Oh I watched your piece on mobile phone insurance last week’.”

McGovern says she remained unruffled by his comments, telling Trump, “Ay love, I’ve heard better lines than that down Club Bongo”.

Upon being host of the iconic quiz show, McGovern said, “I’m used to having to keep people under control, because of all the interactive interviews I do and the various debates I chair, so I’m not worried about that. I think my northern charm usually works with the likes of Paul and Ian.

"I’m used to presenting live shows for three hours, so I’m not worried about keeping the energy up.”


Have I Got News for You returns to BBC One at 9pm tonight

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