Peter Mayhew pens an emotional letter to late Star Wars co-star Kenny Baker

The Chewbacca actor shared his thoughts after the passing of the man behind R2-D2


Star Wars actor Peter Mayhew has written an emotional letter following the passing of Kenny Baker, the man who brought beloved droid R2-D2 to life.


Mayhew – who plays Chewbacca in the franchise – said the pair became “fast friends” and formed a lifelong bond thanks to their height difference. Mayhew stands at more than 7 feet tall, while Baker was just over 3ft.

“Although people liked to contrast the difference in our heights, we found we shared many of the same struggles, from finding clothes, driving cars, and fitting in airplane seats to health issues and the ever constant stares of strangers; we understood each other on a level that few others can,” Mayhew writes.

“My sadness is profound,” he said, adding: “For all the joy he brought this world on screen and off I give my thanks, and a final farewell to my little friend with the giant heart who’s gone too soon.”

Baker became a sci-fi hero for many when he guided R2 through all three original Star Wars films and the three prequels which followed decades later.

He died on Saturday 13th August after a long illness, his agent confirmed.

Read the full letter below: