Ed Miliband is a hit on the airwaves as he fills in for Jeremy Vine on Radio 2

The former Labour leader will be succeeded next week by the Conservatives' Iain Duncan Smith


Ed Miliband has begun his week-long stint filling in for Jeremy Vine on his Radio 2 show, and unlike the British voting public during the General Election in 2015, most people seem to agree that he is the right man for the job.


In his first show he interviewed Labour MP Chuka Ummuna, chaired a delicate discussion about islamophobia in the wake of the terrorist attack at a Mosque in Finsbury Park, and played Lovefool by the Cardigans (a certified banger).

Listeners took to Twitter to share their approval:

Some users commented that the BBC giving a Labour politician this platform confirms a suspected bias:

But of course they must have missed the memo that Miliband will only be filling in for the first week of Vine’s fortnight absence. Who will be filling in during the second week, you ask? Former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith. Sounds fair to us.


For the most part, it sounds like the move has gone down a treat.