BBC Shipping Forecast presenter Tomasz Schafernaker rushes out to be sick during live broadcast

Sea-sick Schafernaker...


Listeners knew something was wrong when Tomasz Schafernaker started sputtering and pausing live on air.


The BBC weatherman was trying to get through the Shipping Forecast on Radio 4 earlier this month – but while many thought he was trying to hold back tears, the real story is that Schafernaker was struggling not to vomit.

He tried his best to get through the forecast before having to break off and run out the room mid-report.

This marks the first time in the Shipping Forecast’s 91-year history that a presenter has failed to complete a broadcast, though we’re kind of glad he chose not to noisily hurl live on air.

While cynics have suggested it was a bout of sickness brought on by a BBC Christmas party held the night before, leading to an all-nighter before Schafernaker’s 5.20am broadcast, it would have had to be an exceptionally heavy hangover – as it looks like the party took place two days before the weatherman’s ill-fated broadcast.


Don’t worry too much, though: Schafernaker perked up later in the day and posted a message to concerned fans.