BBC News presenter caught brushing hair, styles it out

We've all been there, but not necessarily on television

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Mornings are tough, especially when your ablutions spill out into the public. Applying your make-up in the car. Shaving on the Tube. Brushing your teeth on the bus. Just be thankful no-one’s recording you. Just be thankful you’re not Carole Walker.


When the camera cut to her early during this morning’s 9am bulletin, the BBC News presenter was caught brushing her hair.

Realising the camera is on her, she takes a moment to get her things together then continues with the script, all without batting an eyelid. She leaves the handbag on the desk because, yeah, looking like this doesn’t happen by accident, got an issue with that?

It’s certainly a more sensible approach than BBC Sport presenter Chris Mitchell, who recently signed off a report by tapping away on an imaginary iPad.

Don’t worry, no-one noticed.


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