BBC Breakfast hosts introduce the wrong guest live on air

A political expert was asked about his experiences climbing Everest in a mix-up, and viewers loved it


BBC viewers had a bit of surprise fun this morning, as the BBC Breakfast presenters accidentally had the wrong guest on the sofa to talk about mountain climbing.


Hosts Jon Kay and Rachel Burden had introduced a segment on hero Leslie Binns, who helped save a woman’s life on while trekking up Mount Everest and was soon to return for another trip – only for the camera to cut to their guest, who was clearly not the man they were looking for.

“I think you have the wrong guest, sir,” he said plainly before they realised he was actually political expert Todd Langman, expecting to discuss the current political situation in America. Whoops…

Still, all three managed to get a good laugh out of it on air, swiftly moving on while viewers online expressed their enjoyment of the mix-up.

And happily, the hosts eventually managed to straighten things out with their guests.


And hey, it could have been worse – the BBC does have a bit of a track record with guest mix-ups, after all…