A dancing policeman stole the hearts of One Love Manchester viewers

The copper was shown during footage of Justin Bieber's set


A policeman who was caught on camera dancing with young Ariana Grande fans has become one of the heroes of last night’s One Love Manchester concert.


The charity event at Old Trafford on Sunday night paid tribute to the 22 music fans murdered in the Manchester Arena bomb attack two weeks ago, as well as the many who were seriously injured. But it was also packed with heart-warming and joyful moments as the audience came together to celebrate the city and defy the terrorists who had attacked it.

It was during Justin Bieber’s emotional set that the BBC briefly cut to a clip of a uniformed officer holding hands with a group of young children and dancing enthusiastically in a circle.

Sure, the clip may only have been on screen for a second. But it was enough to make people pretty emotional.

This particular policeman wasn’t alone in wearing his dancing shoes to the concert. The emergency services were clearly in a mood to get involved.


In fact, wouldn’t this be an excellent clip to use as the BBC’s new continuity screen?