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12 of the funniest, weirdest and downright most brilliant election night moments

Arise, Lord Buckethead

Published: Friday, 9th June 2017 at 8:27 am

So, election night finally came and went. And it was weirder than we could have imagined. Not only did the country vote for a poll-defying hung parliament, but viewers were treated to hours of oddities that made all those weeks of campaigning worth it.


Firstly, BBC stalwart David Dimbleby was upstaged by a rogue fly live on air.

And over on ITV, viewers noticed MP-turned-political-pundit George Osborne laying out all the sass come the surprising exit poll result…

While back on the BBC, exit poll analysis from psephology professor John Curtice went a tad Shakespeare.

That’s before the camera shifted to green screen guru Jeremy Vine, who presented results from a virtual House of Commons. Because why the hell not?

Back at the count, Jeremy Corbyn celebrated his night in style, sharing a high-five with Emily Thornberry. Well, we think that was the intention...

But this was nothing compared to the brilliance spotted at Theresa May’s count in Maidenhead…

This line-up included Lord Buckethead, a candidate who garnered support from 249 voters with his pledges to reintroduce Ceefax and transform Birmingham into a star base.

The Prime Minister (at the time of writing) also had to share the vote with a man dressed as Elmo.

While over in Barrow and Westmorland, Tim Farron managed to beat off competition from Mr Fishfinger.

And then Labour’s Clive Lewis gave a, shall we say, enthusiastic reaction to keeping his seat.

Even Dimbleby got overly excited by the results, getting caught saying “bloody hell!” live on air…

But he wasn’t the only BBC presenter to suffer a slip of the tongue…


Take a bow election night, you've earned it.


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