Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank has finally happened. 2015 officially confirmed as the best time to be alive

The Great Wall of China; the Hanging Gardens of Babylon; Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank...

It’s happened. 18 years after Alan Partridge pitched it, it’s finally happened: Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank. 


According to Eubank himself, “Up until recently, I had absolutely no idea why people used to mention hostels to me and smile. It was truly an unsolved mystery to me. Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank has now become a reality and finally, albeit a little embarrassed and ashamed, I’m in on the joke 18 years after Alan Partridge pitched it!”

That quote’s wonderful, isn’t it? Because – reading between the lines – we can infer that not only did Hostelworld probably pay him a lot of money, but in order to pay him that money, they would have had to explain Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank to him in painstaking detail. It’s safe to assume that he just rolled with it all and bought himself a new kitchen or something. 

The whole thing, of course, started last week when Eubank admitted that he’s confused as to why people keep asking him about youth hostels.

And why would he have? He’s former professional boxer Chris Eubank. When a desperate Partridge pitched the show in 1997, Eubank was too busy rounding off a career of 45 wins (23 KOs), 5 losses, and 2 draws.


All, of course, before his true calling: picking up hitchhikers in a lorry.