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Who is Doc Brown?

Doc Brown - AKA Ben Bailey Smith - is a man on the up. The rapper and comedian is co-starring with Ricky Gervais in the new film Life on the Road...and he has a very young following as well logo
Published: Saturday, 11th July 2015 at 8:45 pm

Doc Brown may be a versatile comedian, rapper and actor but to two small children I know he is Mr "My Big Shouting Day".


Yes, Brown – real name Ben Bailey Smith, the brother of novelist Zadie Smith – has made something of a name for himself in my household for his recent turns reading the CBeebies ' Bedtime Story with energy and aplomb. He is quite brilliant.

His version of Rebecca Patterson's story about young Bella who has a bad "shouting day" before being comforted by her patient Mum is requested by my two young daughters. Every. Single. Night. Do Sky Plus recordings ever wear out?

For adults, Bailey Smith, who appears in tonight's John Bishop Show on BBC1, is probably best known for his collaborations with Ricky Gervais.

But he has enjoyed roles in comedies Rev and Miranda and made a memorable cameo as a drug dealer in The Inbetweeners in this episode (you can see him 13 minutes in):

In the past Brown has supported Gervais on his tours and also appeared in his sitcom Derek as paranoid community service worker Deon.

The pair also they wrote Equality Street together, a spoof reggae song in which Brent sings about racial harmony and inadvertently ends up being horrendously patronising. The song raised money for Comic Relief in 2013.

The comedian will travel alongside Brent in Life on the Road, Ricky Gervais revealed in an interview with So superstardom beckons.

Work has already begun on the film, which will be shot at the end of this year.

The movie, which is being made by BBC Films, will see Brent on the big screen more than a decade after The Office ended on BBC2.

It will be a spoof rock documentary following the paper merchant-turned-travelling salesman’s last-ditch attempt to be a rock star. And he has hitched Doc along for the ride.


That should be something else to shout about.


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