After an extended hiatus spent eating his way through Italy and making amazing music videos for Kanye West, Aziz Ansari is back with a second helping of his warm, witty series Master of None.


Get the low-down on the adventurous second season below.

When is Master of None Season 2 released on Netflix?

All episodes of the second season will be available on Friday 12 May.

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Who is Aziz Ansari?

A lauded stand-up and comic actor in the States, he's built a cult following in the UK thanks to Master of None and roles in shows like Parks and Recreation. Find out much more about the creator and star here.

Who will be in the cast?

Given the autobiographical nature of the show, it is no surprise to see Ansari calling upon his friends and family again for season two. Real life BFF Eric Wareheim is on hand as Dev’s best friend Arnold, and Shoukath and Fatima Ansari (his real-life parents) are back to deliver some more adorably dry performances. On top of this, Lena Waithe is returning as his lesbian confidante Denise.

Nowhere to be seen, however, is season one love interest Rachel (Noel Wells).

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New additions include Bobby Cannavale (Boardwalk Empire, Mr Robot) as charismatic TV chef Jeff and Italian actress Alessandra Mastronardi, who you may recognise from Woody Allen’s 2012 dud From Rome With Love.


What is going to happen?

In an interview with Vogue in April, Ansari said, “Season one is about not knowing what you want. Season two is about wanting what you can’t have,” alluding to a story arc that involves forbidden or unrequited love.

After a couple of dream-like months in Italy, Dev returns to New York and, rather fittingly, gets a job at a food network. The formula is much the same as in season one, finding strength in Dev’s interactions with his friends and love interests, but the biggest difference is Ansari’s formal innovation as he shapes himself as a Woody Allen-esque auteur director.

There are standalone vignettes that touch upon race and sexuality, several cinematographic references to neo-classical Italian cinema (the season premiere is an ode to 1947 classic Bicycle Thieves) and an episode all about dating apps.

The good news? It's really, really good.


Master of None season 2 arrives on Netflix on 12 May.