What US talk shows taught us: Rebel Wilson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Daniel Radcliffe & Breaking Bad

Jennifer Liu rounds up the hottest action from the Stateside sofas

Rebel Wilson was a rebel in school


The Aussie actress who keeps us laughing from Bridesmaids to Pitch Perfect (and its impending sequel, as we hear) visited with Jimmy Fallon this week to promote her new US comedy show. But acting hasn’t been the only thing keeping Wilson busy; the talk show host brought out two magazines the comedian has graced in the past few weeks, including the New Yorker and Hunger.

“I never thought I’d be the poster child for Hunger,” Wilson joked. “I’d like to announce my retirement from acting so I can concentrate on my acting career. I’m sick of being vacuous and all the dieting. It drives me nuts!” 


And as the show promised, all bad things had to come to an end.

“It seemed like the implicit promise in the show,” Gilligan said. “At the beginning, we’re told he has two years to live, and it seemed like we should adhere to the promise we implicitly made. So why not stick with it?”