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What is Amazon's new original comedy Red Oaks?

Here's everything you need to know about this 80s-set coming-of-age comedy, starring Craig Roberts logo
Published: Friday, 9th October 2015 at 8:15 am

Red Oaks is Amazon's latest Original. The entire series drops on the streaming service today. That's 10 30-minute episodes for your immediate consumption (as long as you're a Prime subscriber.) Your weekend viewing is sorted, right?


Maybe... What's it all about? 

Red Oaks Country Club, work politics, a teenager's hopes and dreams, family dynamics. And the 80s. Crimped hair, lycra leotards and seriously short shorts.

Sounds intriguing. Who's in it? 

Welsh actor Craig Roberts is the star. You might recognise the 24-year-old from Submarine, Being Human, Skins and Bad Neighbours. He's got himself an American accent and is joined by familiar faces Jennifer Grey (yep, Baby's back at the country club), Richard Kind, Ennis Esmer and Gage Golightly.

Who does Roberts play?

David. He works at Red Oaks, alongside his aerobics instructor girlfriend (Golightly), as the club's new Assistant Tennis Pro. He's between sophomore and junior years of college and he's going through some family stuff...

Remember being at uni and thinking you were the most grown-up thing since sliced wholegrain, granary bread. And remember when your parents ruined it all by implying you weren't actually in the real world yet and that you'd have to buckle down, pull your socks up and other cliches soon or you'd never get a job/make them proud? Well that's what David's going through. He loves French Cinema but his dad wants him to go into accounting.


Yes. But it's not all bad news. Red Oaks is a kind of coming-of-age comedy. There are teenage lessons to be learned and obstacles to overcome plus sex, crude language and quite a lot of *whisper it* boobs.

What can we expect from the first episode?

The opening minutes see his dad have a heart attack. In his final moments he admits that he should have left David's mum years ago and married his former Korean lover. And that he's pretty sure his wife is actually a lesbian. Turns out his final moments weren't really that though, and he's fine.

A rather confused (wouldn't you be?) David then meets his eccentric co-workers, goes to a all night rave on Red Oaks' golf course and has to take part in a sort of Tennis battle to save his job. All in a day's work.

Can we see a clip? 

Yes, yes you can. Here's a exclusive for your perusal...


Red Oaks is available on Amazon Prime Instant Video from 9th October


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