What did you think of Peter Pan Goes Wrong?

The chaotic Christmas farce moved from stage the screen this festive season – but was it Wrong for all the right reasons?


There was absolute chaos on BBC1 today as the totally inept Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society butchered a performance of Peter Pan, full of broken sets, forgotten lines and physical injury for the performers. 


However, this was all part of the plan – as the CPDS are actually the award-winning Mischief Theatre, making their TV debut with a transfer of their West End hit Peter Pan Goes Wrong. 

But now that the dust has (literally) settled and Peter has been untangled from his flying wires, it’s time to ask the crucial question – what did you think? Did the play transfer well from stage to screen, or was a little of the theatrical magic lost in translation? 

Did you enjoy the slapstick chaos, or did you get a little tired of the premise? Were you Hooked, or were you left wishing the cast (unlike Peter) would just grow up?


Whatever your opinions, we want to know them. After all, whether on stage or on TV it’s you – the audience – who it’s all about, and we’d love to hear what you think. So, share your thoughts and post your review in the comments box below. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got to say…