Twitter reacts to ‘the big’ Simpsons death

And it seems quite a lot of people thought it was a #letdown

Ever since Simpsons executive producer Al Jean announced it last year, the question on everyone’s lips has been, “Who will die on the Simpsons?”


Now the death has passed – and the question on everyone’s lips is “WHO died on the Simpsons?”

For it turns out that the unfortunate yellow fellow to be cut down by the writers’ pen is not Moe, or Barney, or Kent Brockman, or one of the family Simpson themselves. It wasn’t even Cletus. No, it was Hyman Krustofsky – you know, Krusty the Clown’s dad. 

You remember – he was in a couple of episodes. He was a rabbi.



Okay, it’s not quite the big death that viewers had expected. And if you’re feeling underwhelmed and confused, you’re not alone; Twitter users were less than satisfied.