Here is the first image of Theresa May… as imagined by Tracey Ullman.


The Prime Minister will feature in the veteran comedian’s new pilot show Tracey Breaks the News, complete with her husband Philip, played here by comedian Laurence Rickard.


Tracey Breaks The News will offer Tracey's take on a mixture of famous political figures and everyday people, all reacting to the aftermath of the general election and the anniversary of the Brexit vote.

While the two series of Tracey Ullman’s Show was something of a mixed bag – some rather lame sketches but some brilliant impressions of people like Dame Judi Dench – the new show will be more current affairs based and focus on people making the news.

Other new characters include Donald Trump (played by Anthony Atamanuik) with Tracey taking on the role of his wife Melania.

They will appear alongside old favourites such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel (below) and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, both impressions that featured in Tracey Ullman’s Show.

Ullman said, “I'm excited the BBC has asked me to make a show at this time. We've decided to shake it up with a more topical format because things move so fast these days it's like every 10 minutes I'm voting for something.

"There's never been a better time to be imitating world famous political women, and I admire and thank them all: Angela Merkel, Nicola Sturgeon, and my home girl newbie Theresa May. I can't wait to get stuck in – thanks to the BBC and my brilliant team. It really is a privilege.”

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The BBC also insists that Tracey Ullman’s Show is not finished, however. A spokesperson said that the BBC is actively talking to her about bringing it back, but for 2018.


Tracey Breaks The News is on Friday 23rd June at 9.30pm on BBC1