This movie trailer was accidentally released with no soundtrack. It proves how important music really is

They didn't want you to see this, and they definitely didn't want you not to hear this

The Brothers Grimsby starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong is supposed to be funny, but not like this.


Yes, someone at ColliderVideos accidentally uploaded a version of the trailer with no sound effects or music, only dialogue. It’s striking what a difference it makes, isn’t it? All of the action and comedy is still there, but without sound to set the mood, the jokes fall flat and the action seems (even more) ridiculous.

Compare and contrast with the complete video below.

It’s likely that someone simply forgot to turn on the soundtrack channel when they were outputting the trailer, and while it’s a touch embarrassing it made it to the Internet, these things do happen. recently saw the exact same issue during a Doctor Who panel at London Comic Con. An exclusive teaser of last weekend’s The Zygon Invasion was initially shown sans sound effects – the taut, paranoid thriller had all the atmosphere of a mattress showroom, and the appearance of a hissing Zygon raised a laugh from the audience. 

“Hopefully we have it fixed by Saturday,” Moffat noted, more than a little annoyed.


They did.