This genius new tool lets you search through 3 million Simpsons screenshots

In the words of Mr Burns... Excellent


Finally, this is The Simpsons search engine we’ve all been waiting for.


A new website called Frinkiac, the brainchild of Sean Schulte, Paul Kehrer and Allie Young, has every screenshot imaginable from The Simpsons, allowing you to match up any saying with the appropriate screenshot.

So how does it work? Well, you just simply type in the words you want to turn into a meme in the search bar. The results will show hundreds of screenshots left blank, you choose your matching quote, and hey presto – instant meme!

For example, type ‘Friends’ and you get Homer Simpson wailing on his own in Moe’s Tavern. Useful – and a bit sad.


It’s a fun timewaster, enabling you to channel your inner Simpson to turn any conversation into one your friends’ envy, leaving them wondering where you managed to find such an apt meme.