Daisy May and Charlie Cooper have something special planned for the opening episode of the third series of their BBC comedy This Country.


The sibling duo confirmed the premiere will feature a "fitting" and "funny" tribute to Michael Sleggs, their co-star who died, aged 33, earlier this year.

Sleggs, a friend of the show's writers, played a character inspired by himself called Michael "Slugs" Slugette in seven episodes of the series, making his final appearance in the 2018 special This Country: The Aftermath.

"[Making a tribute to Sleggs] was really important to us," Daisy May told RadioTimes.com. "And Michael was adamant that he wanted to be in the first episode and he wanted it to be funny. So, with the help of his family, we tried to make a fitting tribute."

Charlie added: "In proper Slugs fashion, though."

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Sleggs died in July. Prior to his death he announced he was in palliative care at home suffering from a heart condition, and told fans that “deterioration has been fairly rapid”.

Details about the upcoming series are currently being kept under wraps, but the sibling duo confirmed that the third series has finished filming, with a launch date scheduled for February 2020.

The Coopers, who are currently promoting their book based on the series, This Is This Country, also said that they haven't decided when they will end the show.

"It’s tricky, we always said we’d know when the time is right [to end the show]," Charlie said. "We’ll see what happens really. But yeah it is definitely that thing of, we want to leave it while its still producing good moments."

"Or we’ll do 45 series,” he joked.


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