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There's going to be more Miranda

Sarah Hadland confirms that the BBC comedy will be back - in some shape or form

Published: Monday, 17th October 2016 at 10:40 am

Miranda Hart may be busy making Hollywood films at the moment but that doesn’t mean she’s said goodbye to her BBC comedy forever.


At least, that’s what star Sarah Hadland, aka Stevie, suggests anyway.

When asked if the cast would be reuniting for a movie, the actress (who joins Cold Feet’s John Thomson in new BBC1 period drama The Moonstone later this year) told The Telegraph that there is something Miranda related in the works...

“I can say there will be something,” she teased, but was remaining tight-lipped about exactly what.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard rumblings of a Miranda reunion, and Hadland and Hart’s co-star Tom Ellis is totally up for continuing the tale.

“We would love to revisit them at some point,” Ellis told in June, whether that be "the possibility of doing the movie, or a special, or something like that."

“Obviously we bookended the series quite nicely and I think where do we go from here in terms of their story and the idea of them in their married life with children is something we’d like to explore.”

“Patricia Hodge, God bless her, I love her,” said Ellis, while musing that his on-screen mother in law Penny would probably be an “oh my good Lord, overbearing” grandmother.

“I hope I haven’t got myself in trouble now though”, he laughed, “Miranda’s like ‘what? I’ve got to write it now!’”


Well, she’s not returning to Call The Midwife as Chummy this Christmas, so perhaps that’ll give her some extra time to get pen to paper, eh?


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