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The stars of The Inbetweeners say The Office should be crowned best British comedy of all time

Simon Bird and Joe Thomas name their favourite comedy in Radio Times' quest for the ultimate night of TV

Published: Wednesday, 24th July 2013 at 12:00 pm

Joe Thomas and Simon Bird have voted for the a British comedy in Radio Times' quest to compile the ultimate night of TV. And it's not their own Channel 4 show The Inbetweeners...


But that's probably because the much-loved series about four mismatched teenagers didn't make the shortlist.

Instead the likes of Blackadder, Father Ted, Miranda, Peep Show, The Good Life and The Office are being put to the public vote.

"[The Inbetweeners] shouldn't be on that list," said Simon Bird, who played uptight Will in the series.

"No, we're not shocked and appalled," added Joe Thomas. "Those are all excellent."

So which show would the comedy stars, who are set to appear in Sky1's Chickens this summer, pick?

"The Office should win." replied Bird, swiftly.

"I used to watch The Office every day on my year off," said Thomas. "I did a gap year where I went to Australia for a bit and then did nothing for six months before I went to university. And I used to watch The Office every morning. My basic mindset was: at least there is this. This is the main thing that I value."

"It came out at a crucial age for us. When I was 16, 17 - formative years. It was probably the main thing we bonded over when we met," Bird added, before changing his mind and saying: "I'll go Fawlty Towers though..."


Vote for your ultimate British comedy here.


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