The Simpsons reveals first look at Ed Sheeran’s cameo

Sheeran’s character will compete with Nelson Muntz to win over Lisa’s heart

Ed Sheeran (Getty, EH)

A teaser clip of Ed Sheeran’s cameo appearance in The Simpsons has been revealed – and Lisa’s not impressed by his music.


It will mark Sheeran’s second high profile TV cameo, after he (controversially) appeared in series seven of Game of Thrones last year as a Lannister soldier singing around a campfire.

The cameo clip shows Sheeran’s red-haired character Brendan playing piano along to Lisa’s saxophone in the garage. But she doesn’t seem to be awe-struck by his talents and he asks: “You didn’t applaud?”

In the forthcoming episode, Sheeran’s character is set to be in a love triangle with Nelson Muntz and Lisa, and the two boys will compete for her affection with their musical skills.

Sheeran’s part, which unsurprisingly also includes singing, was recorded over the phone from the UK.


The singer songwriter is a long-time Simpsons fan, and even has a tattoo of the three-eyed fish Blinky somewhere on his body.