The Simpsons is bringing a character back from the dead

Prepare to be annoyed


Remember that whole thing a few years ago when Simpsons executive Al Jean told the world that a beloved character from the animated classic was soon to bite the dust, stirring up frenzied speculation and excitement from fans? And remember how it ended up being side-character Rabbi Hyman Krustofski, the elderly father of Krusty the Clown, rather than anyone that significant? And remember how annoying it was?


Well, prepare to relive that rollercoaster of emotion all over again, because now the series is bringing the Jackie Mason-voiced rabbi back from the dead. Sort of.

According to Jean, the character is set to return to the series in a December holiday special called The Nightmare After Krustmas, when Krusty the Clown decides to convert from Judaism to Christianity. As he’s being baptised in an icy river, he falls into the water – and then it all kicks off.

“Krusty is nearly going to die, so his mind flashes to the hackiest thing it can think of which is a Frozen parody, and then he sees his dad and his dad talks to him in this hallucination,” Al Jean told Entertainment Weekly.

Alluding to the controversy over the much-anticipated death, he joked: “I’m hoping fans are even angrier we bring him back.”


Interestingly, Hyman won’t be the only Simpsons character back from beyond the grave in the ensuing months, with long-deceased character Frank Grimes (last seen raging against the Simpson’s good fortune in 1997’s Homer’s Enemy) returning as a ghost to torment his old rival in the series’ annual Treehouse of Horror special this Halloween. Time keeps on turning, but in Springfield nothing really changes.