US import The Mindy Project may be about to premiere in the UK, but Alicia Kortendick, our resident TV expert from the US of A has already been there and seen that. Here's five reasons why she thinks you should tune in...


1. Rising star
Mindy Kaling, who you might recognise as Kelly Kapoor from the American version of the Office, is the newest “It Girl” in television comedy, stepping up beside the likes of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Lena Dunham. Like these other multitasking funny women of television, she writes and produces some of the episodes of The Mindy Project.
Mindy's character (handily also named Mindy) is an gynaecologist who is struggling to put her personal life back together after an embarrassing drunken speech at an ex’s (Bill Hader) wedding. Mindy’s derailments are hilarious, she blames most of her problems on watching romantic comedies non-stop since childhood and her personality is mirrored by her outfit choices: glasses and scrubs in the office and flamboyant, sparkly outfits outside of the office.

2. Mindy vs Danny
The interaction between Mindy and one of her fellow workmates Danny Castellano (Chris Messina) is reason enough to tune in. Danny is the opposite of Mindy - a divorced man who’s cynical about love. Danny tries to keep his private life private, unlike Mindy who likes nothing more than mixing personal with professional and their differences often mean the pair are at each other’s throats...

3. Disastrous dates
Though Mindy isn't quite as disastrous or desperate as Lena Dunham’s Hannah in Girls, she sure has a bad taste in men. First up is Tom McDougell (Bill Hader) who dumps her because she’s too old. Next is Jeremy Reeds, an attractive English colleague she compares to Hugh Grant the actor, not Hugh Grant the person... Refreshingly Mindy's search for Mr Right isn't at the centre of the plot, but her awkward romantic entanglements (fueled by excessive Facebook stalking and prying questions) are enjoyable to watch as they unravel.

4. Guest appearances
Over the course of the series The Mindy Project boasts several guest appearances by other big names in comedy, such as SNL’s Seth Meyers and Bill Hader, Mindy’s former Office co-star and Hangover actor Ed Helms and Allison Williams aka Girls’ Marnie.

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5. Not a straight face in the house
Neither Mindy nor her 'Project' take themselves too seriously and there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. A favourite of mine was seeing Mindy running down the hallway in slow motion to deliver a baby while M.I.A.’s Bad Girls played in the background.

The Mindy Project starts on Tuesday 26 March at 9:30pm on E4