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Martin Kemp and Gary Kemp on a sequel to The Kemps: All True: “There’s a whole film to be made”

The show's creator and stars have plans for another mockumentary special and even a film

Gary Kemp, Martin Kemp and Rhys Thomas in The Kemps: All True
Published: Friday, 3rd July 2020 at 2:11 pm

BBC Two's The Kemps: All True – a one-hour mockumentary about Spandau Ballet – isn't airing until Sunday, but creator Rhys Thomas and stars Martin and Gary Kemp already have plans for a follow-up episode.


Speaking during a virtual Q&A for the special, Thomas – who also presents the programme – said that there's a lot more to be explored with the Kemp brothers.

"When we finished I felt really sad when it was over," he said. "I enjoyed it much more than I ever thought I would.

"Already I've got ideas for more, I think we've set it up, there's a lot more to be explored. There's a whole film to be made – the Hardest B*****ds of the Galaxy."

"There's so many ideas that we're thinking we could do a special every year hopefully," he continued.

Martin Kemp added that he'd "love" to do more episodes of the mockumentary. "We spent a month crying with laughter and it was just wonderful. Even when we were talking about the stories over dinner, I would walk away saying that was one of the loveliest lunches I've ever had – we were laughing so much just putting the ideas together."

"I would do it any day," he said. "Any day."

The spoof documentary, which also features Martin's wife Shirlie Kemp, Anna Maxwell Martin, Daniel Mays and Christopher Eccleston, looks at the Kemp brothers' lives and careers following Spandau Ballet's 40th anniversary celebrations.

In the special, viewers find out that Gary is attempting to launch his own vegan meat-substitute, Wonge, with his wife (played by Maxwell Martin), while Martin wants to star in his own sci-fi film franchise – The Hardest British B*****ds of the Galaxy.

"The whole approach to this was quite meta," Gary said. "That was me, I was playing Gary Kemp but it was a much more heightened version of me. Yes, I am arty and I have my fascinations in certain areas and Rhys pumped all that up so it did feel like another world we were stepping into albeit slightly with my own history attached."


The Kemps: All True airs Sunday 5th July at 10pm on BBC Two. To see what’s on right now, check out our TV Guide.


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