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When is The Kemps: All True on TV?

The BBC Two mockumentary follows Spandau Ballet stars Martin and Gary Kemp.

The Kemps All true (BBC)
Published: Sunday, 5th July 2020 at 9:00 pm

BBC Two's All True is, ironically, fictional – a one-off mockumentary, starring Spandau Ballet's Martin and Gary Kemp as exaggerated versions of themselves themselves, as they attempt to make a new album.


Following on from the band's 40th anniversary in December, the spoof film focuses on Martin and Gary as the pair attempt to make a new album, and look back on their musical history. The BBC synopsis also reveals that All True "sees the Kemps [pursue] other passions: Martin attempts to launch a new film franchise and Gary plans a new Vegan meat-substitute, Wonge."

We're getting definite Bros: After the Screaming Stops vibes! Here's everything you need to know about BBC mockumentary The Kemps: All True.

When is The Kemps: All True on TV?

The one-off documentary will air at 10pm on BBC Two on Sunday 5th July.

What is The Kemps: All True about?

The film is a fake documentary written, directed and produced by Rhys Thomas, who previously worked on the A Year in the Life of a Year series and the spoof music documentary series The Life of Rock with Brian Pern.

The film sees Thomas interview the Kemps and their brother, Ross Kemp (not that one), played by Perry Benson.

Thomas said, "The Kemps were my first choice for two reasons: one, I knew they could act and were funny. They have both had such a varied career from films, music and TV so there was a lot of material to be mined. They were actors before they were musicians. There aren’t many pop/rock stars who can do both. A lot of them think they can, but they can’t. Gary and Martin are a revelation in this.

"Two. They were part of a genuinely massive band and I loved their music," he said. "I grew up listening to them and the story of their working-class background, rising to the top, their famous break up and reunion – it’s all well, gold."

The Kemps: All True
The Kemps: All True BBC/Ray Burmiston

In a tongue-in-cheek statement, Gary Kemp said, “I’m thrilled that the BBC is making this probing documentary into the lives of my brother and me, and great to be in the delicate yet blood-stained hands of the wonderful Rhys Thomas. Anyone who knows Rhys’s work can expect a little more probing than is usual. Our lawyers await.”

In a statement, Martin Kemp said, “After being known as Roman Kemp's dad for a few months, I’m really happy to be getting back in the limelight and being known for being that one from Spandau Ballet who hit someone over the head with an ashtray in EastEnders; as well as spending some time with my brothers, Gary and Ross."

Is there a trailer for The Kemps: All True?

Not yet, but we'll keep this page updated.


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